Saturday, September 5, 2009

When was the last time...

I have always been a fairly conservative girl. I wasn't flashy and I was shy. I don't rough house and get my hands dirty. I was raised solely by my mom and I have one sister (no brothers) so I contribute my 'girliness' mostly to that.

I got married to my husband when I was 18 years old. He, on the other hand, has two brothers and no sisters. It's like we are from two different worlds. The things that boys do are not normal! They are rough and play stupid games...or so I used to think.

A few months ago, my 22 year old brother-in-law started a new family game. You smack somebody in the chest with the back of your hand and yell, "When was the last time you had one of these?". It's a really childish game yet oddly addicting. The whole family does it now. The problem with that is that now, all the family members watch out for it. You have to act casual and let it come out of the blue.

My husband has become quite fond of this game and 'gets me' all the time. I, of course, have to retaliate. Lately, we have been running around like idiots trying to get each other. We play and prank each other. We are just having fun. I almost feel like a kid again. It's nice because it is completely out of my very deliberate character. Cutting loose is liberating and relieves a lot of stress for me. I want to thank my brother for his ridiculous game and I would like my readers to ask themselves..."When was the last time...?".


  1. My husband and I tease each other sometimes like kids. It will start with a poke here a tug there and the next thing you know we are chasing each other around the house giggling. It really is a lot of fun and a great stress reliever.

  2. Such a cute story...I love being in love and being silly about it sometimes ;)