Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moonlight Zany Bandz: Inspired by the Twilight Series

The makers of Zany Bandz have created a new collectible pack of silly bandz called Moonlight. They were inspired by the Twilight movies. How ingenious is this?! Combining two different pop culture sensations in one little pack! You can buy these and all the other rare Silly Bandz on this Squidoo page. No doubt that your pre-teen will be bugging you for them very soon. Just a heads up from mom to mom.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everything Outside Of This

I wrote a's a little back story...

My hubby and I have this hand signal where we touch our pointer and thumb together and say "I love you everything outside of this". I was inspired by that phrase and wrote a song about it. Anybody know an artist needing a sad country song? Lol! are the lyrics. And just in case I have to say it...These are my lyrics. I wrote them. Do not try to copy and repost them as your own. If you want to show them off (haha) just ask for my permission first. :)

Everything Outside Of This

(Verse 1) He used to watch her at school from afar

Now he holds her hand under the stars

And he wants to let her know

That she has his heart and soul

And he knows there’s only one thing left to do

He pulls out a little box and stumbles through

(Chorus) Everything outside of this,

That’s how much you mean to me

You are my world, my everything

None of this means anything

Without you, to show me the way

You are everything

Everything outside of this

(Verse 2) Ten years later they have built a dream

With three young girls, it’s the perfect family

And she wants him to know,

That she’ll never let him go

And she knows that sometimes

tests aren’t always right

And she pleads with him to not give up the fight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge) And with tears falling down her face

She falls down to her knees

And she just can’t seem to understand

Why he only looks asleep

Everything outside of this

That’s how much he means to me

He was my world, my everything

Now I don’t have anything.

Hold my hand and pull me through

Away from everything

He was my everything

Take me away from everything

Everything outside of this

I hope you guys like it. Keep watch for another completely random post soon.

So Bored Today...

Have you ever just been bored to tears? I have nothing to do today...except a load of laundry. It's just staring at me. It can wait.

I'm not motivated to do anything today. Ever had those days?

I need a project. Thinking...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcakes For Moms...Cocktail Cupcakes!

Nothing is better after a long day of writing than Cocktail Cupcakes. That's right...there are cupcakes that taste just like your favorite cocktail drinks! From White Russian to Pina Colada, you can make a cupcake to taste like any mixed drink! This page even has a recipe for the kiddies...Shirley Temple Cupcakes! If you think you are game, head on over and get baking!

Picture courtesy of (Cup)Cake Eater on Creative Commons.