Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Years

My middle daughter started Kindergarten this week. My oldest is in fourth grade and my baby just turned three. This realization didn't hit me until the other day. In two years, I won't have anything to do all day. Of course, there is laundry, dishes, and mopping the floor. Will doing just that make me a maid? I don't want to be a maid or a chauffeur or any of those other things that moms sometimes call themselves. I am a woman. I am smart and goal oriented. I want to do big things with life. I have the college degree, the marriage, and the kids but I want more. Don't think of me as selfish here. I'm not selfish; I'm driven.

So I have two years...two years before the kids are in school and my hubby is pushing me to get a job. The only chance I have is to make a living from home. I like to think I am smart enough to figure out a way to do this on my own. My husband thinks I'm 'living in the clouds' but I don't care. I want him and my kids to be proud of me. I want to have a secure future where I am not dependent on a boss or paycheck that is far to little for the work I do. I think most of us feel that way but only a handful of us moms actually do it. I want my identity back. I want to make a name for myself that I choose. 'Mom' is great, but 'creator of my own destiny" is so much better. Here's to the next two years....

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