Friday, March 22, 2013

Mom Morals VS Saving Money

So I find myself in a tiny, moral dilemma today.  Hubby is taking me to see Olympus Has Fallen tonight, which I am super stoked to see.  We very rarely go to see movies in the theaters anymore because they are so darn expensive.  Forget about trying to take our three girls with us.  Thankfully, they are staying with my parents for the night. Since the cost of snacks usually amounts to more than the price of the tickets, I tend to sneak food into the theater.  So, I pulled my roomy, knock-off, Juicy Couture purse out of the closet in expectation of filling it with chips and candy and water, but I find myself feeling a little guilty about it.  I cannot be the only morally sound person to do this, especially in these hard, economic times.  I do get a little rush after I take my seat, knowing I have gotten away with it, but the guilt is always there.  Should I let it go, or just go without? Thoughts?
Photo courtesy of ell brown on Creative Commons.

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