Friday, October 2, 2009

The schools are ridiculous!

Child Reading a Book in School

My middle daughter started Kindergarten this year...that gives me two in school now. I took advantage of the sales at the end of the year last year to save money on two new backpacks and lunchboxes , and the supplies on the 'generic' lists that were sent home. I though I was doing ok until school started this year. On the first day of school, I was presented two more lists that included a few different items that my children needed. Ugh...back to the store! I was also given the school fess...$25 a child! My running total is now $125...just for my children to attend public school! When you tack on things like coupon book sales, the Mayfest at the end of the year, and other numerous fundraisers, parents spend a lot of money on something that is supposed to be free.

I thought the nightmare was over until my oldest child brought home a letter asking for more money to help cover the costs of school parties, another workbook, and the teacher's Christmas present. I don't understand why it costs so much. Isn't that what the school fees are for? The thing that really sent me over the edge was the last sentence of the note, "Thank you for being an active part of your child's life." What the hell? I thought being an active part of her life was teaching her and helping with her homework and actually getting her to school. I feed her, clothe her, and keep a roof over her head. I was offended by this statement. Whoever wrote this letter was an idiot. To even hint that I wasn't an active part in my child's life if I didn't pay for a cupcake party is ridiculous and insulting.

That is as far as I will go with my rant today guys. I'd love to know how you feel about this. Do you have the same issues?

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