Saturday, October 17, 2009

Irritated with the school...again!

I need to vent a little frustration. My daughter's school offers free flu-mist to all students who have a signed consent form. My oldest has recieved it every year since Kindergarten. When my five year old brought home the form, I happily signed it. I am greatful for this servive because it keeps me out of the doctor's office. (With three kids, I am there enough as it is.) This past week, the mist was given out. The oldest recieved hers with no problem...she is just happy it's not the shot. My youngest, however, came home without her flu-mist and a note from the nurse. "Your child DID NOT recieve her flu-mist vaccination because she refused it." What!?! She refused it? She is five. I didn't know that she held that much control with her health. I thought I did. I guess she has become the authority and I am the child now. I am outraged by this. Needless to say, the school will be getting a wonderful note from me.

Before I get in trouble here...I know that it a nice thing for the school to give this for free and I should feel lucky that it is even offered. I am. The reason I appreciate this so much is because my hubby it still out of work and with his job, went our insurance. I don't just appreciate it, I need it for my kids. Now, I have to wait until the 'make-up' vaccination are given out in November. I guess I'll just hope that my child doesn't get sick until then.

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