Sunday, August 15, 2010

Made Focaccia Bread Today

Some of you may know that I write lenses for other people on a site called Squidoo. I have been doing a ton of lenses on bread recipes lately and that got me wanting to make some. Tonight I decided to attempt making focaccia bread. Keep in mind that I have never made a bread using yeast before so it was all new to me. My camera is MIA so I can't post a picture right now but I will tell you that it was quite delicious. It was a little flat which I equate to my impatience. Who has time to let dough rise? I smothered it in garlic salt, olive oil, and parmesan cheese before baking. Can I just tell you that the smell was intoxicating! Overall I am quite pleased and I look forward to attempting to make it again.

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