Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting My Carry Permit

Gun, c.1981-82 (black and red on white)
This week was pretty exciting for me. I decided that because I have three little girls in a dangerous world, that I needed to know how protect them in the event of a disaster. I didn't grow up around guns of any type but my husband is an avid shooter. I always felt uncomfortable around guns and it took me some time to realize that it was because I didn't know much about them. My husband and his family decided to take me to the range to shoot a few rounds and get me comfortable with holding a gun. As soon as I got my husband's .40 caliber in my hand, I was hooked. I did pretty good for a novice. Last weekend I took the course for my concealed carry permit and I passed!. I applied for the permit yesterday. Now, all I have to do is wait for the permit to come in the mail. I am on the hunt for the perfect gun for me. I'm looking at a Taurus .38 special ultra lite.

I am so thankful to my husband and his family for forcing me to face my fear of the gun. The thought of having a loaded weapon strapped to my ankle is not as scary as it once was. To everyone who is afraid of guns, I truly recommend taking, at least, a gun safety course to ease your fears.

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